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Veteran Counselors

Welcome to Palomar College Veteran Resource Center Counselor Web Portal!

  • The Veterans Resource Center’s Counselors are available by appointment only. Please contact the VRC to schedule an appointment.

How to select which classes to enroll in.

  • Evaluation of Major –  once your official evaluation has been completed, it will be emailed to you and kept on file in the Veterans Office. This evaluation can be used as a tool in determining what classes to take toward your official declared major.
  • Education Plan – You can view your Educational Plan via eServices from your student center.  Here you can find the General Education guide assigned to your major along with your declared major and external major (if you are transferring).
  • Advising Guide/College Catalog/ – Using these you can pull up the  General EducationMajor and External Major associated with your major and fill in the blocks. Read all notes and ensure any previous classes from other schools are applied as well. The VA only pays for classes REQUIRED for each category.

Do I need to see a Veterans Counselor?

Use this guide to determine if you need to see a Veterans Counselor before certifying each semester.
New Student - Part of the New Student Checklist to establish your major at Palomar College.Continuing Student - If you know which classes to enroll in you can do so and certify.
Changing Major - if you want to change your major you will need to do so with a Veterans Counselor.Forgot which classes to enroll in? - There are multiple ways to check for this. You can visit you Education Plan from eServices. You can also contact the VRC to see if we can pull your file and email you a copy.
Returning Student over one year away - if you have not attended classes in over a year you will need to establish your catalog rights again. Guest Student - you do not need to see a Veterans Counselor since your major is at your parent school.
ED Plan Needs Updated - if your current ED plan is outdated call the Veterans office to make an appointment to update it. Applying for Transfer - you do not need to see a Veterans Counselor but a Transfer Center Counselor.

Veterans Counselor

Last modified on June 11, 2019

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AB 705 requires community college districts to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in Math and English within a one-year time frame by utilizing assessment measures that include High School performance to achieve this goal. Further information can be found at the California Community Colleges System’s Office web page: