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MIL Program Information/FAQs

Beginning fall of 2020, Palomar College will start offering a Military Leadership Apprenticeship Program where active-duty students in the Marine Corps Sergeants School can earn 12 units of college credit for their Sergeants School education.

Who is eligible for this program?

Active-duty Marines that are currently enrolled in Sergeants School at either Camp Pendleton or 29 Palms.

Active-duty or veteran Marines stationed in CA who already completed Sergeants School from any of the Marine Corps academies in the world, and who are current Palomar College students, can earn the 12-units of MIL Program credit through Credit for Prior Learning.

Does the MIL Program cost me anything?

No. Because this is an apprenticeship program, these college credits are FREE to students enrolled in this program.

Does this credit count towards a certificate or degree?

Yes. With these 12 units of credit, along with a 6-unit MIL 199 Work Experience class, you earn an 18-unit Palomar College MIL Apprenticeship Program Certificate of Achievement and can continue on to complete your AS degree as well.

You can also earn the General and Operations Manager Apprenticeship Certificate through the state of California by taking the MIL 199 class multiple times to report 2000 hours of on-the-job-training as well.

Check out the Palomar Pathways Mapper, Trade and Industry, Apprenticeship – Military Leadership Program for information on mapping out your degree pathway.

What is the MIL 199 Work Experience class?

MIL 199 is a fully online course where you report your on-the-job training hours and reflect upon the learning outcomes in Sergeants School and how these relate to your current job.

Six units of this MIL 199 course, can be completed in a semester and completes your 18-unit Palomar College MIL Apprenticeship Program Certificate of Achievement.

This course can also be repeated multiple times throughout the year to report the  2000 hours of on-the-job-training needed to receive the General and Operations Manager Apprenticeship Certificate through the state of California.

Is the AS degree in Military Leadership transferable to a 4-year college?

Yes. Currently, the Palomar college AS Degree in Military Leadership transfers directly into the Organizational Leadership Bachelor Degree programs at both National University and Arizona State University.

Transferring students can also receive discounts on tuition at these colleges. For more information about transferring, speak to Veterans Counselor Tina Barlolong at Palomar College and to the National University and ASU counselors as well.

How do I get signed up?

Once you are officially registered for Sergeants School at Camp Pendleton or Twentynine Palms, you can then register as a student at Palomar College and fill out the Apprentice Form. To get started, please watch the videos on the MIL Program Enrollment page.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Palomar College

Camp Pendleton

Twentynine Palms