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CFT 165/167

CFT 165/167 – Cabinetmaking / Face Frame Construction
Cabinetmaking / 32mm European Construction

Class Projects

CFT 165 and 167 begin with an in-depth study of kitchen design. Considerations such as food preparation, storage, appliances, lighting, ventilation, and material selection will be examined. CFT 165 Face Frame Construction is the study of traditional design layout and construction methods. CFT 167 explores the innovative 32mm European cabinetmaking systems. Students will become familiar with European machinery and hardware. Both classes offer hands-on experience in carcass construction, shelving, partitions and the making of doors and drawers. Both courses are two semesters long. The two classes will be combined into one section, and students should enroll for the class title which best fulfills their project goal and the area in which they want to concentrate.