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Guitar Making Technology

Certificate of Achievement /A.S. Degree
(for A.S. Degree must also complete
Gen. Ed. requirements

A certificate is awarded upon completion of the “core” classes which are specific woodworking and related classes. An Associate of Arts (AS) degree program includes the “core” classes plus a complete curriculum of general education liberal arts. A student receiving an A.S. degree would graduate with a major in one of the three CFT areas. Additional information regarding the degree requirement is located on the Palomar College website.

Last Updated: Fall 2013
Discipline: Cabinet and Furniture Technology (CFT)

Guitar Making Technology will prepare students to make a living or begin a career as a maker of guitars or as a guitar repair technician. Students will begin by gaining competency in basic woodworking processes including hand tool and power machine usage, finishing, and safety. During the course work students will construct four instruments including a ukulele, an electric guitar, a steel string guitar and an arch top guitar. Business building is thoroughly covered. This is a demanding and highly technical program. Students are expected to be dedicated determined and committed.

Program Requirements | Units

CFT 100

Fundamentals of Woodworking


CFT 108

Business Woodworking


CFT 132

Ukulele Making/Introduction to Stringed Instruments


CFT 133

Guitar Set-Up and Repair


CFT 134

Electric Guitar Construction/Solid Body


CFT 135

Acoustic Guitar Making I


CFT 136

Acoustic Guitar Making II


CFT 137

Arch Top Guitar Construction I


CFT 138

Arch Top Guitar Construction II


CFT 149

Hand Joinery I


CFT 195

Finishing Technology/Touch-Up and Repair


Total units


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