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CFT 197 – Timber Frame Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, we will build a complete timber frame using traditional joinery details. Joinery design, timber selection, layout and cutting will be a primary emphasis with particular attention being paid to the art of ‘perfect execution’. Each joint will be systematically laid out and cut by the students, allowing them an opportunity to gain the first-hand knowledge of joinery layout and the feel of cutting a timber frame in the traditional manner. Throughout the process we attempt to instill the confidence and ability to cut a frame on your own.

A 2004 Project:

The project for this year is to build a stage (28′ long x 18′ wide x 20′ high) for the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, California, to replace an existing structure that is no longer usable. The project will take us from raw lumber and drawings to the actual raising of the structure on the last day. Approximately 250 joints will be made to hold the structure together, with an equal number of pegs that will need to be inserted.

Follow our progress:
Day 1 – Monday, Jan. 5, 2004
Day 2 – Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2004
Day 3 – Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2004
Day 4 – Thursday, Jan. 8, 2004
Day 5 – Friday, Jan. 9, 2004
Day 6 – Saturday, Jan 10, 2004

Day 7 – Monday, Jan. 12, 2004
Day 8 – Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2004
Day 9 – Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004
Day 10 – Thursday, Jan. 15, 2004
Day 11 – Friday, Jan. 16, 2004
Day 12 – Saturday, Jan. 17, 2004
Day 13 – Saturday, Feb. 8, 2004

“Timber Framing Rocks” say homeschooling students who are in the class. Student Comments

Timber Framers Guild
Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum