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Student Comments


A group of teenagers who are in homeschooling programs are enrolled in the Timber Frame class this year. It’s really great that some young people are interested in wood…they’re enthusiastic and a great addition to the class.

The following article was written by Noah Elhardt.

Justin Helland, Frank van Heiland, Noah Elhardt, David Martina, David Hughes, Jeremy Mendenhall and Cody Ackerman are all students of Fritz Hinrichs, who teaches online courses with subjects ranging from Algebra to Great Books.

Fritz Hinrichs is hoping to construct a timberframe house to match his timberframe classroom and expand his living quarters. He encouraged his students to take part in this timberframing workshop so that they would acquire the skills necessary to assist him in this project. Some of us helped him with previous woodworking projects, such as carving the king beam in his current timberframe and installing windows in the same.

This workshop has brought together these students from their homes in Ramona, Thousand Oaks, Apple Valley, Escondido, and other areas throughout southern California. We are excited to be able to learn something new and are eagerly looking forward to using these skills this summer. Our dream is to someday build a trebuchet.


(l to r)
David Hughes, Jeremy Mendenhall, David Martina, Fritz Hinrichs,
Frank van Heiland, Noah Elhardt, Justin Heiland, Cody Ackerman


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