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Timber Frame-Day 10

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Timber Frame Project 2004 – Day 10

Two more days to “R” DAY. Lots of work today…everyone was busy. Finish was applied to timbers. Wedges and mortises were made for the splines. The electric plane was kept busy—chamfering seemed to be the order of the day for a lot of people. The layout was begun for the carving of the year of the project with carving to be done in earnest tomorrow.

A lunch-time Nova video about a trebuchet was shown.Tomorrow brings the completion of all the prep work, final application of the finish, and the first delivery to the Museum. Chris was overheard to say that the first bent might even be put together late tomorrow afternoon.

“R” DAY is Saturday…be ready for an exciting day. Here is a map to the museum.

  • Mortises and tenons
  • King post
  • Walnut splines and measuring for the wedge mortise
  • Applying finish