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Timber Frame-Day 1

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Timber Frame Project 2004 – Day 1

structure_bitmapThis day is the first day of a two-week session.Instructors for the first week are Rudy Christian, Laura Saeger and Carson Christian who are from Burbank, Ohio. Rudy is President of the Timber Framer’s Guild. Chris and Dianne Feddersohn are hosting the Christian’s at their home in Cardiff By The Sea for the week. The Christian’s will not be with us next week…2 new instructors will be here to carry on. Said Laura…”This is the first project we’ve started that we won’t be on hand for the final raising.”

Today’s activities were all lecture-oriented, and designed to introduce a history of Timber Framing, basic layout systems, tools and terminology, and an introduction to the plans for the project. Lots of drawings on the chalkboard, and lots of questions. We even learned what a waste wall is. An inspection of the wood was held this afternoon.

Tomorrow, the 45 students will be divided into teams of 2. They will begin squaring and cutting mortises and tenons.

  • The stage at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum.
  • Four views of the model of this year’s timber frame project that was constructed by Phil Goettsch.
  • Lumber has been delivered and is ready for action.
  • Rudy Christian is conducting an introductory lecture.
  • Reviewing plans with Pat Myers, Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum Project Manager.

    L to R: Laura Saeger, Carson Christian, Chris Feddersohn, Pat Myers and Phil Goettsch

  • This week’s instructors.

    L to R: Chris Feddersohn, Rudy Christian, Carson Christian and Laura Saeger

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