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Japanese – 日本語


The Japanese Program

The World Languages Department offers the following Japanese courses:

First semester
Japn 101 Japanese I (5 units)

Second semester
Japn 102 Japanese II (5 units)

Third semester
Japn 201 Japanese III (5 units)

Fourth semester
Japn 202 Japanese IV (5 units)

Additional Course
Japn 130 Japanese Culture and Literature (3 units)

Japn 225 Japanese Conversation and Reading  (3 units)


A. A. Degree in Japanese

Course Requirements  (23 units)

Japanese 101* (5 units): Elementary Japanese I

Japanese 102* (5 units): Elementary Japanese II

Japanese 201 (5 units): Intermediate Japanese I

Japanese 202 (5 units): Intermediate Japanese II

Japanese 130 (3 units): Japanese Culture and Literature

** In addition, A.A. degree requires the completion of general education (GE) courses.

*  Students can meet the Japanese 101 and 102 requirement by taking the Credit by Exam.

** Since 201, 202, and 130 are not offered every semester, students are encouraged to take these courses when offered rather than waiting for the next expected opening.


Certificate in Japanese

Students are required to complete the five Japanese courses listed above.


Textbooks for Japanese:

Japanese 101 and 102 use Nakama I, 3rd edition (Cengage)

Japanese 201 uses Nakama 2, 3rd edition

Japanese 202 is a zero cost textbook program.  All course materials will be provided.

Japanese 130 is a zero cost textbook program.  All course materials will be provided.


Faculty and program coordinator:

Dr. Masako Ikenushi
(760) 744-1150 ext. 2653, office: 201F