College Theme 2017-18 • Better Together • Community Survey

Palomar Performing Arts is creating a Collaborative Art Engagement Project based on the College Theme, "Better Together." Our first step is to survey our community for their thoughts on two important questions related to the topic. Your answer to the two questions below will be used to inform and inspire a collaborative performance and art project for the Fall of 2017 and may be displayed in a collective sculpture.

What divides us?What connects us?

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The purpose of the college theme is to provide a concept or idea that unifies our college and reaches our campus community. The campus theme is meant to resonate with all employees, students, and the community thus it should be one that is broad and interdisciplinary. In the classroom, a college theme provides a unifying idea that can help students relate information and learning from various courses, thus supporting interdisciplinary connections. An email was sent out to collect theme ideas and a survey was sent to the entire college to vote on the campus theme for 2017-2018. The Faculty senate reviewed the results of the survey and made the final decision. The theme chosen for 2017-2018 is “Better Together”. For more information visit our Professional Development Website
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In the Fall of 2017, we will present an evening of short plays, dances, poetry, monologues, and art, tentatively titled Bridging What Divides Us.   The intention is to use the artistic process as a mirror to society and as a laboratory of human behavior to examine the question, “How do we begin to bridge the divides that we are experiencing the world today?” The first step is to gain a broader and deeper understanding of the forces and issues that are creating such treacherous divisions. We want to know how the members of our community perceive the situation. We also hope to go beyond the most apparent divisions, which manifest in the political arena, to gain insights about divisions in all aspects of our lives. Ultimately, this project creates opportunities for dialogues about these grave issues facing us today. <br> We hope to collect your thoughts,  original writing and suggestions for material including: plays • songs • poetry • found documents • art works etc.

Some Choice Handwritten Surveys . . . More to come!