Connecting Classrooms Program

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Connecting Classrooms Program

Palomar Coffee Talks  invites teachers and students to participate in this integrative learning project. Pablo Picasso famously described art as, “A lie that reveals the truth.”  We offer performances and public gatherings that provide an occasion to analyze aspects of our society and the human condition from the multiple perspectives provided by differing academic disciplines. 


Ways of participating  include but are not limited to:

• Add your class to the list of participating classes by clicking here..

• Join us for our Coffee Talk following the Thursday 4PM performance of each play

• Offer extra credit for attending the Coffee Talk and or a performance.

• Commit to at least one class discussion on the two questions and how they relate to your discipline.

• Create some expression of the discussion that can be shared with other participants on our website, facebook, twitter feed #goodperson, or Right Here On Campus (see next bullet). 


o Help us create a site-specific public art piece in the Performing Arts courtyard – that will evolve throughout the semester.


Connect Your Classes


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