Critical Questions Facing Our Nation

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Critical Questions Facing Our Nation
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The Right to Think!? Science Politics and Public Perception


In our current political and economic climate, what are the obstacles and challenges to creating a well-informed citizenry capable of grappling with the difficult choices that face our nation?  Our information comes broadly from three sources.  Here are some specific questions on my mind.  Please add more by replying to this post and attending our Coffee Talks.



  • What is the responsibility of the media to act as honest brokers of factual and truthful information?
  • What is the impact of corporate ownership of media?
  • Can the ‘New Media’ or ‘Citizen’s Media’ on the internet counter-act the bias of  corporate owned media?
  • Has commerical media become the new ‘opiate of the masses?’


  • What are the challenges to our public education system in this time of economic disparity and political division?
  • How do vested interests influence the public perception of teachers and education policy?
  • How do we identify the actual obstacles to student achievement and fashion an education system that addresses those obstacles?
  • Who defines the goals of our education system?  Are we merely preparing students for ‘success’ workplace or are we creating a foundation for life-long engagement with the critical issues of living in this world?


  • Can we trust information from the government?
  • To what extent does the political agenda of an administration influence the reports and policies of governmental agencies?
  • How does the government influence the commercial media?
  • To what extent does privileged access to high government officials taint the flow of news and information from the government to the people?
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5 years ago

Its nice question: How do vested interests influence the public perception of teachers and education policy?

5 years ago

Economical crisis defining many thing in th world.

5 years ago

Can we trust information from the government? This questions answer is yes if government is Turkish government.

red honey sipariş
4 years ago

nice one..