Image of the Corporate Marionettes

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We returned again to Freedom Plaza for our new teach-in last Sunday, December 4.  Our task was to create and rehearse a living sculpture for the International Day of Human Right Rally, planned for next Saturday December 10.  With a new group of willing participants we had a very productive session.  Although, I must say that conditions for conducting a theatre workshop on the streets are quite challenging.  After some demechanizing warm-ups we created a series of sculptures and arrived at a final image to show at the rally.  The image features the system of power as a hierarchical series of marionettes with the banks and corporations as the master puppeteer. All the money is flowing from the citizens into the pockets of the powerful.  In opposition are a group of citizens, petitioning the government for basic human rights – a living wage, secure retirement, affordable healthcare, collective bargaining etc.

Below are some photos:

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