Wet or, Isabella The Pirate Queen Enters The Horse Latitudes: Love. War. Freedom. Queer

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“How are we to live in this desperate world? Shall we out-scoundrel the scoundrels in abusing our fellow creatures for our own profit, or revel in our good fortune if we’re fortunate, averting our eyes, pretending we don’t notice that our joys are bought at the price of ignoring the hideous misery of the world? Or shall we be a part of that wretchedness, let ourselves be clegged and clodded, one of this heartless life’s hapless victims? Is there not some other way, if we but put our minds to it? I thought I’d found it, I thought I had escaped the cruel logic of the world. In time though, it came to me that to be an outlaw, however romantic the setting, yeah, is still to be a part of this villainous world, another side of the same old tarnished coin and nothing changed. So I thought, for years I thought, and finally it came to me. Why should I not begin my own world? Why should I not find an empty place and found a new world upon it?”  -Isabella, Pirate Queen-

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Daniel Martin
9 years ago

Wonderful boundary pushing and sexy play. I especially enjoyed the singing, along with the symbolism expressing the possibility of a freer world and liberated society.

Doğum Hediyesi
6 years ago

an impressive article