Online Course Best Practices Checklist

What is the Online Course Best Practices Checklist?

This is a checklist of best practices that was developed by Palomar faculty in the Academic Technology Committee and was approved by:

  • TERB

  • Senate

  • Academic Technology Committee

The checklist is based on extensive research as to what other colleges recommended and what fits the Palomar College environment. It is a useful checklist for any online instructor to use to evaluate a new or existing course. It may also be used as a helpful tool by Department Chairs when mentoring online faculty.

To get your own PDF copy of the checklist, please click on the link above.

FYI: Online Education Initiative Rubric

Please click on the link above for the Rubric used by the OEI to evaluation courses offered through the Exchange.

Congratulations to our Palomar College instructors who have been trained to deliver instruction in online environments!




|| What is POET?

PALOMAR ONLINE EDUCATION TRAINING (POET) is a series of self-paced, open-exit and open-entry modules to prepare the faculty at Palomar College to deliver their courses online. The program was developed by the Academic Technology Committee with approval by the Senate. It is administered by the Academic Technology Coordinator as a Professional Development activity.

POET is modular and may be completed in approximately 10 to 12 hours. Instructors have the option to complete POET in one semester or over several semesters. Professional Development Contracts list POET as a variable-hour activity.

|| Why was POET developed?

As part of the recent Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process it was identified that Palomar College lacked a way to validate that our online instructors were prepared to teach online.

In compliance with the accreditation recommendation, this series will validate that our instructors have received training in accordance with Palomar College standards. (Note that POET is not linked to TERB evaluations; participation is voluntary.)

|| How was POET developed?

POET was developed by the Academic Technology committee; content was driven from the approved Online Course Best Practices Checklist [Validation of Preparedness to Teach Online] (please see sidebar). The best practices for online teaching were determined; the series also incorporates the best practices to model examples of effective online course management. It links pedagogy to technology.

|| How do I get started?

You may sign up for an Orientation session through Professional Development.

If you missed a formal Orientation, you may select one of the following options:

  • Please contact the Academic Technology Coordinator for a one-on-one orientation

  • Self-enroll (please follow these enrollment steps)

|| What are my options?

You have a number of options to become a "Trained Instructor" to teach online. Please see the procedure chart for the steps.

For more information, please contact Lillian Payn, Academic Technology Coordinator
LPayn@Palomar.edu | Office: LL 110A | 760/744-1150 ext. 3626
Palomar College | 1140 W. Mission Rd. | San Marcos, CA 92069