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I’ve really loved college, but it’s just about time for me to head out into the “real world!” I’m excited for a lot of what’s to come, and I’m actually looking forward to my first few years as a professional. I’m looking forward to living in city apartments, traveling a bit, and continuing to see my life change. That’s one of the things I really liked about college–how things kept changing, and how I got to keep moving and experiencing new things–so that part of young adulthood seems very cool to me.

But I know that can’t last forever, and that I’m eventually going to have to get a house and live there for a long time, if not the rest of my life! So my question for the experts is this: how do I do that without going nuts? I feel like I’d eventually get really sick of any house I lived in for more than, like, ten years.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We’re sure that your first few years out of college will be every bit as thrilling and interesting as you hope they’ll be. There will be challenges, too, but rest assured that there will also be a lot of changes and new experiences of the sort that you crave!

And, of course, you don’t “have” to “settle down,” buy a house, or stay in the same place forever. Your life is yours to experience, and there are plenty of people who have built wonderful lives for themselves while staying on the go. Some people choose careers that keep them jetting from place to place, while others take advantage of modern remote-work trends to work from wherever they want to be. There are successful and happy people who live in mobile homes and move from place to place, just as there are successful and happy people who stay in one spot or another for years and years on end.

There’s no denying that the latter is more common. And there are distinct advantages to setting up shop in one spot. Owning a home will allow you to avoid paying rent, which drains your resources without helping you build wealth. If you choose to have a family, you may want your children to be able to attend the same schools year after year and maintain friendships with other locals. And you may simply find that, as you age, you’re less interested in being constantly on the go.

If you do decide to settle down in one spot, there are a lot of ways to keep yourself from going a little crazy in your own home. Let’s talk about a few!

Let’s start with the home itself, which is incredibly important. Remember, if you buy a home, it will be you who picks it out–this isn’t like you staying for the rest of your life in your parent’s home or in the dorm room you were assigned at school. You’ll have the chance to shop around and pick out the spot that suits you best, and making that decision carefully is incredibly important. Our spaces help shape our lives, explain experts in home designs in Brisbane. The way your home is laid out will encourage you to live in a certain way, and the same thing is true of how you choose to arrange your furniture and even how you choose to decorate!

Your home should combine form and function. Every part of your space should be considered, say experts in luxury vinyl flooring. Quality materials and smart design will create an environment that is both comfortable and functional–and suits your specific needs. Different homeowners need different homes: for instance, some might need to research walk in tubs reviews for handicap or luxury use.

If you choose the right home, maintain it, and update it as necessary, then you’ll likely find that you don’t get nearly so sick of your space as you might expect to. A good home will conform to your expectations and needs, and something as simple as whether your chairs face the TV or each other will set the stage of different lifestyles and please different people. So when you’re considering a lifetime spent in a home, remember this: it’s not a lifetime spent in a home, it’s a lifetime spent in your home.

With that said, of course, everyone needs a change of scenery once in a while. The benefits of vacations are myriad and well-documents. You probably already know that vacations can make us more productive and help us avoid burnout. You may also know that vacations can become memories that we treasure more than physical purchases. And it likely makes sense to you that vacations are also a great way to spend a little time away from your familiar space.

So, by all means, get out of the house once in a while! Spend a little time on the beach in the Bahamas. Go take in some history and culture while you explore Henry County, Georgia. Rent someone else’s home or head to a hotel for a change of space. There’s a good chance that, when you return, you’ll find that you’ve missed your own space and the ways in which it caters to your needs, preferences, tastes, and sense of comfort.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be buying a home all that soon–homes are pricey, and you will have to save up a lot of cash before you’re ready for that step! You still have a few years of excitement and change ahead of you, and it sounds as if that suits you just fine. But don’t be surprised if, later in life, the idea of spending more time in one spot begins to appeal to you. When that time comes, you’ll find that you can create a comfortable and functional home environment by taking house-hunting seriously and by taking the time to decorate and arrange your space in a way that suits you. You’ll get breaks when you need them, but you may find that you love coming home, too.

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones–the ones at home.” — Mother Theresa

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