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I own a five-bedroom ocean front property in Brisbane that I rent to other college students. Each person has their own private room, and they share the kitchen and other common areas. The house is excellent, because it provides the space needed for each person to have privacy, and it’s more attractive than most properties because of the beach access. I want to upgrade the look and feel of my home. I want to take advantage of the ocean breeze most of all, while also giving the property an elegant Queenslander look. Since the property is elegant, I’d like to eventually host private functions there. So, I want something that will stand out. What are your thoughts on plantation shutters or similar options?

The creators of plantation shutters designed them with beach climates in mind. They provide that beach style feel, while also keeping your home cool and allowing the sea breeze to flow. More importantly, they require little maintenance. Given that you rent out rooms, the idea is to keep the maintenance to a minimum and the elegance, practicality, and style to a maximum. In general, plantation shutters offer a wide range of advantages, including economic installation and maintenance.

Things to Consider Regarding Plantation Shutters

One of the main advantages of plantation shutters is the insulation they provide. The shutters help keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They provide a simple way to bring down electricity costs. Considering that around 30% of the energy used to either cool or heat your home is lost through windows, this addition can increase the energy efficiency of your home. Furthermore, about 40% of unwanted heat originates from windows. Therefore, the cost of plantation shutters may be offset by the savings provided. Not many other options have this characteristic.

The shutters are easy to maintain, because they do not fall prey to to moisture. Furthermore, adding these shutters can increase the value of your home. When shopping around, make sure to purchase your shutters from a reputable company. You can own these shutters for decades, and the warranty on most of them lasts 20 years or more. Therefore, you should purchase the items from a company that will still be around. Ensure that you ask about warranty and installation, and ask how long the company has been in business. Also, ask about experience and previous work done. I’ve seen some work done on vacation properties in the Gulf Coast of Florida where the results are amazing, making those properties as great places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

If you want to invest, you may as well ensure it’s is worth it. Get shutters that are built to your window specifications and that the design fits the essence of the property. Make sure that it is something that fits your lifestyle and budget. Although you may save money by finding shutters pre-built, these do not look as nice or elegant as those made to fit the style of your home. Also, if you did not have the shutters custom cut to adjust to the windows in your home, they may be more difficult to install. Reputable companies make sure they customize the fit, so your home looks clean and crisp.

Other Options

Many other options from which to choose exist, including installing blinds or awnings. Roller blinds, for example, offer an elegant design that works well just about anywhere. The design is minimalist but affordable, and it’s easy to maintain. However, these don’t offer much to increase the value of your home. You also cannot set the tone with them when hosting functions. On the other hand, awnings cost a bit more, but they offer shade and protection from UV rays. These also protects guests from rain and sunshine. They come in a variety of forms, such as automatic or straight drop. Depending on the budget, consider the option.

Things to Consider When Hosting

You mentioned wanting to host private functions at the property. Since you are renting rooms to other college students, you may need to keep in mind the privacy of such functions. Depending on the type of function that you seek to host, you must ensure that your invitees feel comfortable. Even though your property is an elegant beachfront with an upscale yet intimate feel, it often proves difficult to provide the experience for which you hope.

Some events or functions require permits from local government. Make sure to research this so you are compliant, should you decide to host the event at your location. Also, consider the costs, including hiring individuals to work the events, and the headaches associated with clean-up that make hosting an event tedious. You might prefer to seek venues that specialize in private functions. Look for places like the all-inclusive function venues in Brisbane. It seems more expensive at first; however, in the long run, you may end up saving time, energy, frustration, and money by moving your function to a place that specializes in events such as corporate events, birthday parties, and private dining.

If you do decide to host your own events, I am positive that custom built and installed plantation shutters will upgrade the look and feel for your guests. Although it may seem slight, these small details are the difference between venues that cater to the public and venues that cater to upscale individuals. The fact that your property is a beachfront property makes it ideal for combining upscale appearance with the relaxing sea feel. Whether you are throwing a party geared toward college students with light up glasses or hosting a private dinner event, the idea is to understand your audience and target the ambience accordingly.

Final thoughts

Given what you are looking for functionality and style, I would say that plantation shutters are the way to go. These are not only low cost, but also provide the needed functionality of airflow while being elegant and increasing the privacy cherished by your tenants. In general, the style is practical, functional, and economical. Since your tenants are college students, a major point of concern is maintenance, which is simple and easy with these types of shutters.

“People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed, only if there is light within.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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