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I’ve always been really interested in health and fitness matters. I try really hard to stay in shape, and I do a lot of research about supplements and proper nutrition and things like that. So I’ve been thinking that when I get out of school, I’ll start a business that focuses on health and lifestyle type stuff. I think that helping other people get and stay healthier is something that would really help me feel good at night.

I want it to be a business, though — I’m not hoping to become a doctor or a nutritionist or anything like that. As much as I like looking into this health stuff, I’m not big on experiments and lab coats and mixing medicines. So here’s my question: how much do I actually need to know in order to sell things like vitamins and supplements? Am I on the right track with my business idea?

Your desire to help others be healthy is wonderful. With a business idea like yours, you could end up being financially successful while also knowing in your heart that you’re helping people lead healthier lives.

And boy, could we use a business like yours! Americans are not the healthiest bunch these days. Most of us are overweight or obese, and most of us don’t get as much exercise as experts recommend. On top of that, we’re not getting good nutrition in our diets (as you no doubt know, good nutrition means more than just being skinny!). Put it all together and you have a populace that could use a bit more help in the health and lifestyle departments.

You certainly don’t have to become a doctor, pharmacist, nutritionist, or scientist in order to help people live healthier lives (though those are all, of course, admirable career paths for individuals who are drawn to them). You could start a store that sells health products. You could create a brand of health and lifestyle products. Or you could do both, selling your own brand of health products from your own health and lifestyle store.

These ideas sound like they’re roughly what you’re thinking about, so let’s talk about what you’ll need to know in order to accomplish your goals.

All of these businesses will require you first and foremost to understand how to run a business. Whether you’re selling books, camping gear, or health products like you hope to, you need to know how to create a business plan, balance a budget, pay employees and taxes, and do other things that are essential to a business’ success and survival.

You can learn these things in business-oriented classes and from business books. You may even consider attending business school after you gain your bachelor’s degree. Getting a masters in business administration (MBA) will give you great insights into how businesses get started, succeed, and maintain their competitive edge.

One thing you won’t necessarily need is an in-depth health background. While it would certainly help if you knew the basics of nutrition and exercise, you shouldn’t worry about having to know how to make supplements and other products. Your suppliers will be the ones who handle that!

Working with a supplement manufacturer can make setting up a new health and lifestyle business much easier. You can set up your new brand by investing in great products from a trusted supplement manufacturer who will allow you to brand them yourself. Getting things started doesn’t take long, and an arrangement like this will allow you to stock your shelves with reliable products from proven manufacturers — while still allowing you to build your own brand with smart labeling and other key decisions.

Starting any kind of business isn’t easy, but you are well-positioned to make your dreams a reality. If you develop your business skills and make the right connections with supplement manufacturers and other suppliers, you’ll be able to present a well-branded health and lifestyle solution to your customer base without having to don any lab coats or attend any medical schools yourself. Good luck!


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