Table of Fallacy Categories

Click on the class name for a list of fallacies in that class. Click on each fallacy to see an explanation of that fallacy, a couple of pithy examples, a discussion of why we sometimes find that fallacy to be persuasive, and a source indicating who first described and/or named the fallacy, if such an original source can be identified.

Deductive Fallacies Inductive Fallacies Retroductive Fallacies

Fallacies of Soundness

Major Premiss Fallacies

Irrelevancies Errors in Observation False Cause Fallacies

Minor Premiss Fallacies

Misrepresentations Errors in Sampling False Report Fallacies

Deductive Ambiguities Inductive Ambiguities I have not, so far, identified any important
fallacies in this category.
Fallacies of Circularity

Circular Justifications Circular Evidence Circular Explanations


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