Student Projects

  Experience "Six Scenes from Hamlet"

Video presentation of a sonnet, based on Sonnet 18

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Sonnet Transformation of Viola
Death in Sonnets Overview
Eavesdropping Play within a Play
Hals Three Worlds Richard II
Hamlet Sonnets
Hamlet Collage The Three Caskets
Icons Tragedy of Romeo
Insults Twelfth Night Summary
King Lear West Side Story vs. Romeo and Juliet
King Lear and Cordelia Mythological_Archtypes
3s in Venice Ophelia's Sonnett
As You Like It analysis outline of As You Like It
Best Curses in King Lear Prologue
Branagh and Shakespeare Shakespeare and the Bible
comparisons from 12th Night Sonnet LXXV
Development of Count Sonnett
Falstaffian Words of Wisdom Sonnett 12
Gender Crossing in the Comedies Sonnett 141
Globe Sonnett 18
Intellect and Groundling Sonnett 78
Justice and Mercy Sonnett II
Map of Hamlet's London What then is Honor?
Twelfth Night Entanglements Trapped by Deceit
Timeline of the Jew Timeline of Shakespeare's Life and Works
Themes in the Merchant of Venice The Love Triangle
TEST OF CHARACTER Sketches of some Leading Ladies
Similarities and Differences between King Lear and Hamlet Shakespeare's Stage
Shakespeare's Ladies Shakespeare's Couples
Richard II and Henry IV Structure Renaissance Christian Humanist vs. Macheavellian
Polictical-Religious Affiliations Men in Submissive Positions in two of the Comedies
List of Words Letters and Messages in Twelfth Night
King Lear Diagram Henry IV Structure
Henry IV Part 1 Geneology Headline News
Hal's placement in all three worlds Geneology-Character Mapping Hamlet
Gender Roles Fortinbras Hamlet and Leartes
Foils in King Lear Foils in King Lear
Falstaff vs. Hamlet Connections in the Merchant of Venice

Comparison-Contrast Olivia and Viola

Enjoying "King Lear", by William Shakespeare