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[HAPS-L] This week in anatomy and physiology

This was a short business week but a busy one!


Governmental issues:


1.   Changes requested in copyright rules

by librarians and others

2.   New science advisors named

access Obama's announcement from the link above

In the news this week:


1.  Cone starvation in retinitis pigmentosa

insulin problems

2.  Melatonin and diabetes type II

abstract and references only

3.  How many colleges offered distance learning in 2006-2007?

US Dept. of Ed. statistics

4.  Blow to head causes "trap door fracture"

in orbit, allowing hernia into maxillary sinus

5.  Body fat study

from the CDC 1999-2004

6.  Fewer heart attacks in cities with smoke-free ordinances

CDC study in two cities in Colorado

7.  Idiopathic REM disorder linked to parkinsonism

an abstract from Neurology

8.  Gadolinium-based contrast agent for MRI's

the first MRI-angiography imaging agent now approved by FDA

9.  Structure and function of a DNA-packaging "motor"

in certain viruses

10.              A New Year's resolution?

smoking cessation site from the CDC

11.              Need for more science teachers

from Yahoo news

12.              Major HIV/AIDS stories of 2008

a list with links requiring a subscription

13.              Hypogonadism and a pituitary mass

images of a pair of identical twins alongside MRI's of the affected twin's pituitary

14.              More sleep in adults, less coronary artery calcification

JAMA: predictor of eventual heart disease

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David Evans, HAPS-PAO