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John's Count-Down to Retirement [HAPP-L]

I can't help but be amused, John, with your count-down to
retirement--having been there and done that!.

For those who may not have noticed, below John Dunstman's name is the
phrase: "The magic number is 4/28/2004 19:00 but who is counting?"

John, I was looking forward to it as much as you apparently are.  My count
down date was 7/31/2000.  They couldn't find anyone to take over the course
(not sure how hard they looked) and by the end of the first week of August
-- giving me just time enough to clean out my office, pitch a lot of
garbage that had collected over the years, etc. -- they wanted me to come
back for one more round of A&P.  The beauty of it all is that it is now on
my terms.  Simply put, just the one class, no committees, no faculty
workshops, no faculty meetings -- none of the garbage, just me and my
students and A&P.

You know, when you can do it on these terms, it really becomes a lot more
fun again!!  I only fight the 45 to 90 min comute three mornings a week and
miss all the evening rush hours.  I know this may not belong on the list
serve, but I guess my main point is that we don't realize how much garbage
we become loaded down with until it's gone.  If only administrations would
wake up to the fact that many (I think) of us would just like to teach and
work with our students.  When this, and only this, becomes the job
description, it is really a different job!

Enough of my Monday morning quaterbacking.  Alvin (still teaching and
loving every minute of it--except grading exams).