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Re: administrators, etc. [HAPP-L]

Every time I read about someone else's administrators, I feel pretty lucky. Our
VP of Academic Affairs taught a section of Shakespeare last spring with about
30 students (those of us registering students kept overriding his maximum class
size!) and got a full dose of the effects of student absences, the quality of
student work, and student excuses for not handing in work, etc. Before that, he
shadowed a nursing instructor for a full day in clinic to see what it was they
did all day. (He was pretty well tuckered out, as well as being impressed with
the 'life and death' situations.) Now, even though he's on the administrative
side (vs. the union side) of the Workload Definition Committee, most of us
think we're much better of with him there, since our union reps are clueless
about what we do in science and health programs. We would've been sunk long ago
had the definition been left to the union reps! So - I am thanking my lucky
stars that I don't have some of the administrators you all talk about! (we used
to, but they're gone now...)

Meanwhile, my apologies to Curt, who was not the person who mentioned the Pell
Grants (I get everyone mixed up)...


John Steele wrote:

> We all know that there are very good reasons for standards. Unfortunately,
> however, upper level administrators often don't agree with us. My apologies
> to those that do. I am totally flabbergasted that  a University President
> believes that students are getting better. He/she needs to get back in the
> classroom and teach at least one class a year. When you really get fed up
> with the hassle over spelling and other exam issues give objective exams.
> After all, most state board exams are now objective.
> John S.
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