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Re: Parkinson's disease [HAPP-L]

My mother-in-law died following surgery for an obstructed bowel.  Bowel
obstructions are not uncommon in Parkinson's patients.  She had had the
disease for at least 20 years.

One of the men I used to play tennis with (and despite advancing
Parkinsonism he was on the court a few days before he died) suffered
from increasing dementia apparently brought on by the disease.  His
death was ruled as a heart attack probably brought on by the
Parkinsonism and possibly exacerbated by the medication he was taking.

Roberta Meehan

Sheri Boyce wrote:
> For HAPSters with a neuroscience background:
> In discussing Parkinson's disease, I've always emphasized the typical motor
> signs (i.e. resting tremor, rigidity, paucity of movement).  A student just
> asked me "what do Parkinson's patients die of?"   Is there a typical cause
> of death that is a direct result of basal ganglia dysfunction, or do they
> die from other age-related problems like pneumonia, cardiovascular disease,
> falls, etc?