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Re: HIV/AIDS question [HAPP-L]

HIV is one of the viruses that can be passed from mother to fetus.  I
think (you can nail this down in NEJM from about three years ago or
check on NIH.gov) about 20% of the mothers at one time passed it to the
fetus.  Antiretroviral drugs have had some success at suppressing this
passage.  There was a big uproar in Massachusetts about a suggested
requirement to test all pregnant woman so as to protect fetuses from HIV
infection.  They decided not to do the testing in the end because of the
civil rights aspect.

>>> JMoore@parkland.cc.il.us 10/23/00 02:51PM >>>
To the clinical & Micro folks on the list:

One of our PT folks passed on these excellent questions from the HS
section of our A&P students:

1)  Is C-section delivery safer than vaginal when the mother is HIV -
pos?  If so - why?

2) Can the virus travel transplacentally from mother to infant?

3)  Are the HIV antibodies of the class that can cross the placenta? 
IF tested based on antibodies, could a newborn test positive, only to
show negative after passively acquired Abs degrade?  (Aren't most tests
nowadays based on the virus itself, as opposed to the Ab?)

4)  Can the various antiviral cocktails (e.g., AZT and the newer meds)
be given during pregnancy?

TIA for your answers.

John Moore
Professor - Parkland College
Sensei - Spirit Dragon Isshin Ryu Dojo
Champaign, IL.
(217) 373-3732

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