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Re: HIV/AIDS question [HAPP-L]

I am NOT an expert in this area, but here's what I recall:

There are two scenarios possible in an infant who is borne from an HIV+ mother:
a. HIV+ by antibody test, not really infected.  These antibodies will
decline in about a year (I don't recall the exact average).
b. HIV+ by antibody test, really infected.  (If a pregnant woman does not
undergo therapy, her chance of passing the virus is about 30% as I recall.)
 These infected infants will also test positive on the polymerase chain
reaction test, which tests for the virus and not for the antibody.  In
theory, these infants should follow the same course as someone else with
HIV: remain infected for life, and never clear the virus.  However, there
were some case reports of a handful of infants actually clearing the virus
from their body.  I think I read this in the NEJM a while back.

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