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Re: prostate ca and black males [HAPP-L]

The explaination for Merrill RM and  Lyon JL. is found in the following

Explaining the difference in prostate cancer mortality rates between white
and black men in the United States.
Urology. 2000 May;55(5):730-5.

The results of IBM analysis suggest that black men do not have a
statistically greater chance of prostate cancer mortality than white men
after adjusting for differences in stage and grade, age, number of primary
cancers, and treatment. Later stage at diagnosis is the primary reason for
the higher likelihood of prostate cancer mortality among black men compared
to white men.

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> To Members of HAPS,
> Does any HAPS member out there in cyberspace
> know why blacks are at higher risk for prostate
> cancer?
> Thanks, Marilyn L. Shaver
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