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RE: About as bad as it gets--but amusing [HAPP-L]

You guys ain't seen nothing.    Here is an essay written as part of the
admissions procedure for our University Honors Program (I was director of
the program).  Granted, by the applicant's name I think they were ESL,
although no mention was made of it.  The essay just tickled me, so I include
it here verbatim:

As a student, there are many opportunities, many chances we can have, and
there are also many ways we can reach them.  But there are not many best
decisions that we can make in our lives, while decision has made it will
never be the same later on.  Every mankind there is only one lifetime and
the only one decision they could ever make for that life time, what would it
be "successful and useful".  

The best decision I ever made in my life was nothing out but to stay focus,
for the best moment I could make and the best of all in my life.  Why?
There are many ways to answer why.  Firstable, to stay away from the reality
of those traps that people are facing, I would be felt some classes if I
weren't focus.  Secondable for the best decision that I could make for my
life, that is stay focus, get good grade so I can get in the school I want.
Thirtable life is too short and time is very important in my life I have to
pick which is the way that I can success my goal and the improvement of
myself.  For my future, for a better life, this is an expression from my mom
the one whom I always love the most, "you can do anything if you stay in
Your life could be good, bad or worst is upon the decision that you make.
When a decision has been made your life will change.  It had changed a lot
in my life since I made that decision, my life was got better, stayed strong
than ever, and I knew what I would do for my life that is go to school and
reach the goal in my dream.


Dr. Martha Rosenthal
Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Physiology
College of Arts and Sciences
Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, Florida  33965-6565

941 590 7220

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Sounds like an ESL student.


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