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RE: About as bad as it gets--but amusing [HAPP-L]

At 09:41 AM 10/26/00 -0400, you wrote:
>You guys ain't seen nothing.    Here is an essay written as part of the
>admissions procedure for our University Honors Program (I was director of
>the program).  Granted, by the applicant's name I think they were ESL,
>although no mention was made of it.  The essay just tickled me, so I include
>it here verbatim:


I shared this essay with some colleagues here, and one of the more astute
linguists on our faculty suggested that the writer seemed to be Asian, most
likely Chinese. He has helped a Chinese exchange professor translate a book
to English and says he saw many of the same mistakes in that case. 

Given that you know the name, can you hazard a guess at the writer's first