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Hereditary Angioedema and OMIM [HAPP-L]

Suggest to your student that she accesses OMIM (Onlin Mendelian Inheritance
in Man) at the following URL:
and search for angioedema.
I think that she will find a number of good descriptions associated with
two or three types of angioedema.

At 04:43 PM 10/26/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello Hapsters!
>Does anyone know anything about hereditary angioedema?
>One of my students, her sister and a cousin have been diagnosed as having 
>this disease. her symptoms are swelling in the throat and mouth; her 
>sister's center in the stomach and a grandmother might have had swelling in 
>the pericardial sac.
>She wants more details  and her doctor is too vague. I told her I would ask 
>HAPS for help.
>Thank you!
>Karen McMahon