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A&P as a general education requirement? [HAPP-L]

Dear HAPS colleagues--
	I recently received a message from a student at College of the 
Ozarks in Missouri, who was referred to me by another HAPS member.  She is
writing a paper on A&P in the general education curriculum and asked, "Do
you think an effort should be made to incorporate Anatomy/Physiology into
the general education requirements for college students?"  I replied that I
thought it would be appropriate for A&P to be in the general education
requirements of all college students, since all educated persons should
have some understanding of how the body works.  
	I would be interested to hear from other teachers of A&P on this issue.
Do any of you teach on a campus where A&P IS part of the general education
requirements?  If so, how did this come about?  If A&P were to be part of
the gen ed. curriculum, should it be the same course that's taught to our
nursing/PE/health management majors, or should it be a different course? Do
any of you feel that A&P should not be part of the gen ed. curriculum?
Steven N. Trautwein, Ph.D.
Department of Biology, MS 6200
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4799
573-651-2362 (phone)
573-986-6433 (fax)