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Re: A&P as a general education requirement? [HAPP-L]


While A&P is not a general education requirement here, many of our 
students take this course to fulfill their general science 
requirement for graduation. They are enrolled in the same, 
one-semester course that our pre-professional students are enrolled 
in, which I can tell you truly creates quite a nightmare!

There is no logical or rational way to meet the needs, abilities, or 
skill levels of both populations in one course. We tend to "let down" 
those who are in a pre-professional tract. And, we tend to "lose" 
those who are not ("it's too hard.").

My own personal opinion is that everyone (educated or otherwise) 
should have some understanding of how they function. Perhaps this is 
due to my background as an RN. I don't understand how people could 
have no interest in knowing, at least in a some basic sense, how 
their bodies are supposed to function. And, to then have a better 
understanding of what is going on with it when it isn't. Or, to use 
that basic information to "take care" of themselves, their families, 
and their children (to have at least an basic understanding of 
preventative things they could do,etc.)

And, since a great deal of what I do in my second job as a RN in the 
emergency room of a very busy county hospital is to educate people, I 
can tell you that there are a great number of people out there that 
have no clue as to how their body works, what's going on when it 
isn't working and why, or even the slightest idea of what they could 
have done to prevent (or cause) the "malfunction!"
I know, too, that the information can be taught at a level so that 
even children can understand the workings of their bodies, and what 
is going wrong...we RNs provide this type of education to people 
every day!
So, if they can be taught, I would think that college students could 
be taught the information...on SOME level (??). Sadly, I am 
confronted every semester with the fact, that some can not, or have 
no interest (oh, wait...that was an earlier thread we already had, 
wasn't it? The student apathy thing...sorry!)

Leslie Carlson
Dept. of Zoology/Genetics
Iowa State University