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Re: [HAPS-L] Urinometer - Compensation Calc. for Small Volumes?

Use the urinometer in distilled water first ... it it sits at the 1.00 mark no calculation is necessary.  If it is above the 1.00 mark, subtract (e.g. if 1.05 in distilled water subtract .05), If it is below the 1.00 mark you may have to guesstimate (ours are not calibrated for sg<1.0) but then you add to the actual reading.

You do not dilute or change the sample.

RAWDING001@xxxxxxxxxx 4/21/2006 9:49 AM >>>


Do any of you have instructions for or recall the procedure for calculating specific gravity in a small urine sample that must be adjusted with a volume of distilled water to get a reading?  We use midget urinometers (now don't get "cute" - that's their description on the box !]....  I've  misplaced the dang calculation ...  During the screening prior to the experiment, we do use Bayer Multistix SG which gives a specific gravity reading, but the scale goes in 0.005 increments from 1.005 to 1.030.



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