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Re: [HAPS-L] Delayed paralysis after head trauma


Welcome.  Nice to see another D.C. on the listserv!


---- Debby Machuca <machuca6@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Re: [HAPS-L] Delayed paralysis after head traumaThank you so much for the warm welcome.
> I have been reading through the website and did read about the conference.
> I have considered going. I am talking to my school about the time available to go.
> I may be teaching Saturdays next term again so that may hinder me.
> Alan, thank you for the website. I welcome to opportunity to read what you have.
> I take it you are from Seattle?? I have not made it that far north yet. I just moved to Portland a year ago. I have seen the coast though. It is so beautiful. I just love it up here.
> Thanks again and look forward to speaking with you all as time goes on.
> Debby
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>   Welcome to HAPS list, Doc Debby! The Rose City is a mighty fine place (but no Seattle, of course!). Hope you and your students find your efforts as an AnP teacher rewarding. As a new teacher, you might find referring to the lecture outlines and other materials I created for my students useful in your work. They are online at:
>   http://www.ibiblio.org/papa/AnP/
>   Please note that I assert copyright on all of it.
>   Increased ICP secondary to hemorrhage or brain swelling might trigger a seizure but a TIA (transient ischemic attack) is ruled out by the global nature of the motor deficit. As I said, we are given too little info to make much of this case, except the conspicuous need to seek competent neurological care. Besides the neuroradiology studies, a neurosurgical consult wouldn't hurt either.
>   -Alan
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>   Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 17:32:25 +0000
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>   Subject: Re: [HAPS-L] Delayed paralysis after head trauma
>   I was a practicing chiropractor for 20 yrs. You are correct in that there is not a good way to diagnose this. An MRI and EEG is probably a good idea but not that it will show anything. It could have been a TIA (temp interruption in blood flow) but those show more localized or one sided symptoms then general like this. You will just get symptoms at the level that part of the brain is in control of with a TIA  A seizure is more general. They can be brought on by trauma. Seizures are elusive critters. Very hard to diagnose and can present so many different ways. I would refer these cases out to a neuro. I am not an expert but love the conversation.
>   I will introduce myself. I am new here. I am an adjunct intructor at Mt. Hood CC and Portland CC.
>   I love teaching anatomy and physiology and would like to make this my full time "retirement career". 
>   I have also taught many aspects of other allied health sciences.
>   it is nice to meet you all
>   --
>   Debby 

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