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Re: [HAPS-L] Myth? Gold test for anemia.

--- "Leopard, Robert (Biology)" <rleopard@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 when I swipe gold on my face it leaves a black mark as if I used a
sharpie.*  We did an experiment at work with another co-worker to test
this statement.  She knows that her iron is fine.  When she swiped the
same ring on her face there is no mark. 

>>> Dear Robert,

   Pure Gold is so unreactive it is unlikely it was the Gold in the
ring that left the mark... but far more likely to be one of the other
metals used to make the ring stronger.

   Nickel is sometimes used for this purpose and many have an allergic
reaction to nickel, whose first indication often is a dark mark like
you describe.

                The correlation to anemia may be this....

   this type of allergy is common to women, uncommon to men

    as is iron deficiency anemia.

      As for the notion of brain size correlation to intelligence.....

      There is also a correlation between shoe size and intelligence.

     The logic flaw, "propter hoc ergo hoc" is readily apparant in the
one..... why not the other?

    Oops! made an assumption. my bad. "after the fact, therefore,
because of the fact" phrased negatively "correlation does not equal causation".

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