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Textbook:  Human Anatomy, 7th Edition by Ric Martini, et al  (or equivalent*)
ISBN: 0321500423
  Lab Manual: Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual and Lecture Guide by Gene Gushansky

ISBN: 9780988862203



You may find some editions of the Martini textbooks bundled with a CD-ROM. The CD is excellent, but not required to do well in the course. Typically the CD will increase the cost of the book.

*Comparable books that are acceptable substitutes include earlier editions of the Martini text, any edition of Principles of Human Anatomy by Gerard J. Tortora,  Human Anatomy by Kenneth S. Saladin, or lab manuals such as Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual with Cat Dissections by Elaine Marieb. Please see me if you have any questions about a particular book.  Not acceptable are combined anatomy and physiology texts.

In addition to Human Anatomy, 7th edition by Ric Martini, I have reading assignments for the following texts Martini, 6th edition, Martini, 5th edition, Martini 4th edition, Martini, 3rd edition, Saladin, 1st edition, and Tortora, 9th edition. For all other books you'll have to figure out the reading assignments yourself based on what we're discussing in lecture - but that is pretty easy to do.

I also have the chapter assignments for the lab manual Human Anatomy, 1st edition by Eric Wise

Comparison shop! You may find great deals on used books. It is best to search for texts using their ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

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