What is a phenomenon?


Yes, this is really a white rainbow.  White rainbows are just like colored ones except the water droplets are much smaller.

Almost any  natural event can be called a phenomenon (the plural is phenomena).  Above you can see an eclipse, a fog filled valley, a ridge of rock which juts out from the earth, and the Aurora Borealis.  Earthquakes (Loma Prieta Quake, Northridge Quake, Landers Quake), hurricanes (Mitch, Carmen, Andrew).  Humans create phenomena, too - freeways ("the" 10, "the" 5, "the" 70) and particular stretches of highway (Blood Alley, Suicide Curve) are called by name, indicating that they are phenomena.  Even some people can be called phenomena.  Who and what would you class as phenomena?

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