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Takeshi Sonoda Funeral - May 30, 2012

Here is a link to some of the photos from Uncle Tak's Memorial/funeral. I uploaded the photos to my PREZI website.

Instructions for seeing the photos on Perzi:


1. Click on the link below.
2. Hover your mouse over the word "
MORE" (I marked it with a red rectangle in the image above.) and click on Fullscreen.
3. Hover you mouse again over the word "
MORE" and click on Autoplay and the slide show will cycle through the photos. (There will be 4 second delay between slides.)

Or instead of clicking Autoplay, you can advance the slides manually by clicking the right pointing triangle (see the red circle above) or clicking the right arrow key on your keyboard or hitting the space bar. At the end of the slide show, hit Esc key to end the slide show.

Please share these photos with family members and people you think would like to see these pictures.
Thank you.

Elaine :-)

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