Interests, Travel and Hobbies
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My interests and hobbies are many:
* I love to travel
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* Go on hikes with Wayne
* Attend classes and workshops
      R.A.D. Class
* Watch movies
* Visit museums and galleries
* Work on my computer
* Yoga practice
* Fine dinning from different lands
* Art and music
* Working in the garden
* Spending time with family & friends
* Drawing graphics for Wayne's Word
* Kendo

Performing kendo kata at the Hanamatsuri in Vista, CA
Ted Mason, Sensei

Exploring Hawaii

Visiting Foster Botanical Garden on Oahu


Gathering lichen at the Daley Ranch in Escondido, CA

Kennedy Space Center in Florida

California poppies

Journey to Manzanar

I enjoy different sports activities. Playing tennis and slow-pitch softball are at the top of my list.

I have a 3rd degree black belt in kendo and a brown belt in judo and karate. And I have had a couple of semesters of aikido here at Palomar College. I am currently learning how to box. More important, the martial arts has taught me discipline, respect, control, awareness, honor, and has given me a keep trying attitude.

I started practicing kendo in 1985.