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This is at a boarding school in Chang Rai. We stayed one night at this school.

Oceanside High School also collected many stuffed animals for the kids. Oceanside High School t-shirt were given to some of the staff and teachers at one of the schools we visited.

Sasha talking to the school staff. The couple on the right are Michael and Tanja Crews. They are Exodus Foundation of Australia employees.  The Exodus Foundation also helps thousands of people all around the world. Michael and Tanja were on their honeymoon during their trip to Thailand. They both love Thailand.


Marsha riding her new bike. The 3 people near the van are from ChildLine. They delivered the bike to Marsha.

Sasha bought 3 bikes out of her own pocket.
This bike was given to Beck.

This was a house near Beck's home. Beck lives in a very poor neighborhood in Phuket.

May is the little girl in red. Her father was killed in the Tsunami and her mother abandon her with the babysitter. (The lady in the orange blouse is her babysitter.)

This is May's home

Sasha and Klaus Orlik donating money to the Kapong Teachers. Photo by Klaus Orlik

Kapong Children
Photo by Klaus Orlik

Ban Ta Din Daeng School
Photo by Klaus Orlik



Some of the donated money was spent on musical instruments and music lessons for the children.

  Nerissa and Children