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English Composition Spring 2009 Palomar College

Peer Review List--Essay 3

Find your name in the left-hand column, then read and review the essays of the two people listed to the right of your name.  Send your peer review by e-mail to the writer of the essay and to me.  Follow the format in Basic Peer Review.


Burch, Maureen

Waller, Kimberly Nguyen, Michael

Chase, Meadow

Jones, Alexandra Loiacono, Olivia

Clark, Brett

Waller, Kimberly Jensen, Mary

Fajardo, Jessica

Smith, Alexander Chase, Meadow

Fox, Gregory

Haines, Kathleen Koller,Stevie

Haines, Kathleen

Washburn, Christine Koller,Stevie

Jensen, Mary

Clark, Brett Washburn, Christine

Jones, Alexandra

McDonald, Stephen Mascoto, Katelyn


Burch, Maureen Jones, Alexandra

Loiacono, Olivia

Fajardo, Jessica Jensen, Mary

Mascoto, Katelyn

Loiacono, Olivia Reyes, Juanita

McDonald, Stephen

Fajardo, Jessica Nguyen, Michael

McWilliams, Alexis

Chase, Meadow Haines, Kathleen

Nelson, Andrew

Mascoto, Katelyn McDonald, Stephen

Nguyen, Michael

McWilliams, Alexis Nelson, Andrew

Reyes, Juanita

Fox, Gregory Nelson, Andrew

Smith, Alexander

Burch, Maureen Fox, Gregory

Waller, Kimberly

Clark, Brett McWilliams, Alexis

Washburn, Christine

Smith, Alexander Reyes, Juanita

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