The Discovering Ideas Handbook

and Glossary


John Tagg

Note: This handbook is a work in progress.  It is not complete and is subject to revision.  It will grow gradually as I have the opportunity to add to it.  I welcome your suggestions for revisions or additions.

Table of Contents

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1.  Writing an Essay

        1.1    What Is an Essay?   

        1.2    How to Get Started   

        1.3    Choosing a Topic    

        1.4    The Thesis Statement

        1.5    Writing a First Draft

2.  Developing and Revising an Essay

        2.1    Read Your Essay Aloud and Make Notes 

        2.2    Look at the Essay through a Reader's Eyes

        2.3    Structure the Essay

        2.4    Support Your Claims

        2.5    Use Specifics and Examples



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