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Welcome to my website!

From this page you can access course syllabi, study guides, assignments, and other resources. 
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Teaching Schedule for Spring 2017

Syllabi for Earth Science 100, Oceanography 100 lecture, and Oceanography 100 lab
may be accessed by using the links provided below.

Careers in Oceanography Oceanography 100
Oceanography 100
Careers in the Geosciences Earth Science 100 Lecture

Tutoring Resources - Check out the STEM Center in NS-312
Click here for additional information!

Check out this cool link: The Scale of the Universe, version 2
Version 1 was released in 2012, by Cary and Michael Huang.
The work on the original version took the twin brothers one and a half years to complete
and was done in their spare time for fun...as middle school students.

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