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Favorite Places



Interesting Reading on History & Contemporary Issues


Common-Place   An online magazine on Early American history


the Globalist.com   Interesting comments on Globalization themes.


Robert D. Kaplan,  "China:  A World Power Again"  The Atlantic Monthly Online

        A valuable historical perspective on US-China relations in the 21st century.

Other useful reports and essays at the online site of The Atlantic Monthly:

Coming to Grips with Jihad - September 12, 2001

"The World in 2005"  -  Another essay by Robert D. Kaplan

China and the World  -  Articles dating back to 1899

Theodore Roosevelt in Retrospect

Immigration: The Perpetual Controversy

The Clinton Era  -  An assessment of the Clinton presidency

History News Network   This is a great site that is edited by Rick Shenkman.


The Millennium at The New York Times:    Check out these issues for valuable 

    historical insights:


            1.   The Best of the Last 1000 Years

            2.   Women:  The Shadow Story of the Millennium

            3.   Into the Unknown

            4.   Old Eyes and New

            5.   The Me Millennium

            6.   The Times Capsule


NewAmerica Foundation  A Washington Think-tank of young American Intellectuals

        "outstanding individuals and policy ideas that transcend the conventional political spectrum"

        In particular, consult the work of Michael Lind.


Alexander Hamilton on the Web  A valuable on-line resource about our first Secretary of the Treasury


Useful Web Sites


PBS Online   Loads of materials for class projects!


New York: A Documentary Film   A great news series from Ric Burns on PBS.


The Border   An important production from local station KPBS.


Discovery Channel on Line   Check out all of the channels linked to this site.


The History Channel   This is a surprise?


Lonely Planet Travel Guides   Get out there and see the world.


Moon Travel Handbooks   Another useful source of information.


Amazon.com  or  Barnes&Noble.com   When all else fails and you need a book . . .


Turner Classic Movies   Great stuff for the modern US course.



History Resources


Library of Congress   Home for the Nation's Library


        Today in History   Great information from the LOC American Memory Collection


National Archives and Records Administration


History@Palomar College Library   Useful History links at our Library


Center for History and New Media   Useful portal to resources on History at

            George Mason University in Virginia


The History Buff   American History through newspapers, from colonial times to

            the present


Historical Text Archive   By Don Mabry at Mississippi State University


Virtual Library - History   Maintained by the University of Kansas


California and Western History  Maintained by the San Jose State University Library




The Historian's Toolbox   A useful guide on how to do historical research.


Research in History   Some useful ideas on research at the San Jose State University Library.


Library Research: Finding Primary Sources   A great site at the UC Berkeley Library site.