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Professor Michael Arguello's Online Courses

2017 Enrollment
History of the Americas
History of Latin America Online

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  Online Course Wait Lists
What to do When Online Course Rosters Are Full
  Permission Numbers for Classes

Online Course Orientations - OPTIONAL - NOT REQUIRED
Those students who have taken several online courses using the Blackboard Course Management System (Bb), and are also familiar with the use of the Bb Discussion Board and Microsoft PowerPoint, are not required to attend the on-campus orientations, although attendance is recommended.

There will be an online orientation to each course available through the course Blackboard sites.

Orientation Location 
All orientations are held in an Academic Technology Computer Classroom - Room LL 104 or LL 109 - adjacent to the AT Computer Lab on the first floor of the Palomar College Library.

  • Follow this link for maps and directions to the campus and the College Library.

Orientation Crash Lists
Crash Lists will be distributed at the (optional) course orientations, and a decision on the number of students added to the course from these lists will be made within 48 hours of the orientation.

Fall 2017 Orientations
History 140 - 141 History of the Americas
History 150 - Colonial Latin America

Fall 2017   (Room LL-109)
  History 140 & 141   Tuesday, August 22  1 - 2 pm
  History 150   Tuesday, August 22  1 - 2 pm

Spring 2017 Orientations
History 140 - 141 History of the Americas
History 151 - Modern Latin America

Spring 2017   (Room LL-109)
  History 140 & 141   Tuesday, January 31    1 - 2 pm
  History 151   Tuesday, January 31    1 - 2 pm

Summer 2017 Orientations
History 140 - 141 History of the Americas

Summer 2017  (Room LL-104)
  History 140 & 141   Monday, June 26   10 - 11 am

Blackboard Course Site Access
Student access to the course Blackboard sites will be available by 6 pm on the first day of the start of each term, if not sooner.

If you do not attend the online orientations, please read carefully the information below regarding the Palomar Student Email address that has been entered for you in the course Blackboard site.  You may change this address if you wish.

Online Course Wait Lists  IMPORTANT
Those students on the Wait Lists for any of my online classes will be offered an add-code for these courses by the start of the each term. 

Please contact me by Email a week before the start of class, or no later than at the orientations during the first week of classes.

If you are enrolled on the course roster or wait list for my online courses, and if you have any questions for me regarding my online sections of History 140, History 141, History 150, or History 151, and in particular regarding add codes, please send an Email to: 

  • Important  In the Subject line of your Email, please include the name of the course and the section number that you are enquiring about.  For example:  "History 140 Online - section #####" 

For information on the course texts, click here.

What to do When Online Course Rosters Are Full
Despite the fact that all Rosters and Wait Lists for each term fill rapidly during the first weeks of registration, over the weeks proceeding the start of each term, from 10-20% of enrolled students will drop these sections and space will open up on the Wait Lists. 

For those of you who still wish to add one or both of these courses, it will be worth your time and effort to check Palomar College eServices daily to see if it is possible to get on a Wait List.

Permission Numbers for Classes
I do not receive add/permission numbers for my online classes until approximately 5 days before the start of a term - Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Add Classes with Permission Number
When you receive a Permission number to add a class, here is a tutorial on how to do this in eServices.

Email Accounts - Important!

Your Palomar College Email Account
All Palomar students are assigned a free Palomar College Student Email address that will be used by the college for all correspondence with you.  Click here for further information on this free Email service. 

Please be advised that the Palomar Student Email system has limitations on usage, such as storage limits.  This is the case with all "free" Email services, so please be sure to check all of your mail and delete old junk mail, or your account may eventually be blocked due to a full inbox

Your Blackboard Email Account
The Email address for your Blackboard account at Palomar College will be that address selected as your Preferred Email account in Palomar eServices.

If this is the first time that you have used the Blackboard system at Palomar College, and you did not enter a personal Email address at registration, your new Palomar Student Email address has been entered into the Blackboard system for you.

Changing Your Blackboard Email Address
If you wish to change the Email address for your Blackboard account to another (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Cox, etc.) you can do so through Palomar College eServices

  • Important  All of my course Email correspondence with you will be sent to the Email address you have entered in eServices as your Preferred address.

Online Class Information

All Enrolled Students
should review the information on the following pages at this web site before the start of each term:

  • Success As An Online Learner

  • Course Access  Remember that access to the course Blackboard sites for the each term begins at Noon of the first day of the start of each term..  Attendance at the course orientations is optional.

  • Course Texts  All texts should be obtained immediately as there are assignments due by the end of the first week of classes.

Professor Michael Arguello


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