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Hybrid History Courses

History 140 & 141 - History of the Americas

What is a "Hybrid" Course?

A hybrid course is simply a course that meets at least 50% "live" in a campus classroom and up to 50% online for the hours required each week of the college term.

Special features of these 3-unit courses include:

  • At least one meeting per week on the San Marcos Campus.
  • All of the weekly materials and assignments for the course will be posted on the course Blackboard site, a password secure web site.
    • As a consequence, the on-campus meeting time is reduced by at least 50-100%.

Benefits of a Hybrid Course
There are several advantages to a hybrid course:

  • Gradual introduction to online courses  For those students who want a gradual introduction to online education and courses, the hybrid format provides an introduction to the technology of online courses with a weekly "live" presence of your instructor.
  • Going Online  Those students who wish can go completely online with the course, as the course material will be exactly the same as the pure online sections. 
    • Those who select this option must inform Professor Arguello that they will no longer be attending the weekly class meeting.







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