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Time Life's "Lost Civilizations": "Mesopotamia: Return to Eden"

1. Ancient Mesopotamia lies in present-day __________.

A) Mesoamerica.
B) Israel.
C) Iraq.
D) India.

2. In 1947, Bedouin shepherds in present-day Israel discovered __________, which dated to the time of Christ.

A) The Dead Sea Scrolls.
B) The Grateful Dead.
C) The Great Library at Nineveh.
D) The Garden of Eden.

3. Which of the following artifacts, discovered in 1868 and now lost, described a battle that was also mentioned in the Bible?

A) The Victory Stele of Naram-Sin.
B) The Law Code of Hammurabi.
C) The Palette of King Narmer.
D) The Moabite Stone.

4. In 586 B.C., the armies of Nebuchadnezzar sacked Jerusalem and took the Israelite captives to __________.

A) Nineveh.
B) Babylon.
C) Ur.
D) Giza.

5. All of the following could be seen in the ancient city of Babylon except:

A) The Ziggurat of King Urnammu.
B) The Hanging Gardens.
C) The Ishtar Gate.
D) The Tower of Babel.

6. Babylon's written, legal code, the first of its kind, was inscribed on a stele known as the Law Code of __________.

A) King Urnammu.
B) Judge Judy.
C) Darius and Xerxes.
D) Hammurabi.

7. How was ancient Assyria described in the Bible?

A) "A land that never bathed."
B) "A land bathed in blood."
C) "A land of blood donors."
D) "A land of big, strong men who liked to fight a lot."

8. The Great Library at Nineveh, part of the ancient Assyrian palace complex, contained about 22,000 clay tablets written in __________.

A) Cuneiform.
B) Maidenform.
C) Hieroglyphics.
D) Greek.

9. In 1989, a burial chamber containing two Assyrian queens was discovered beneath the floor of the ancient palace at __________.

A) Persepolis.
B) Ur.
C) Nimrud.
D) Thebes.

10. The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is about an ancient Sumerian hero, describes a _________ similar to one mentioned in the Bible.

A) Crucifixion.
B) Flood.
C) Ten Commandments.
D) Coat of many colors.

11. Which ancient site has been referred to as the "first civilization on earth"?

A) Sumer.
B) Assyria.
C) Babylon.
D) Jerusalem.

12. Sir Leonard Woolley discovered the __________, which contained 74 skeletons, all entombed at the same time.

A) Ziggurat of King Urnammu at Ur.
B) Royal Tombs, or Grave Pits, of Ur.
C) Pyramids at Giza.
D) Citadel of Sargon II.

13. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Dilmun is referred to as a Mesopotamian equivalent of __________.

A) Hell.
B) The Garden of Eden.
C) Jerusalem.
D) The Tower of Babel.

14. The present-day island of __________, south of the ancient city of Ur, was once an "Eden-like" place with plenty of water, lush gardens, and snakes.

A) Hawaii.
B) Tahiti.
C) England.
D) Bahrain.
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