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Agogo Drum & Dance Ensemble------------------>

Auditions are held for new drummers & dancers at the beginning of each semester.

Students must be enrolled in DNCE149 or DNCE148 and MUS137 or MUS185 to begin their training.


Classes I Teach

DNCE 148 Palomar Drum/Dance Ensemble
DNCE 149 Afro-Cuban/Brazilian Dance
DNCE 101 Survey of World Dance
DNCE 151 Beginning Latin Social Dance
DNCE 152 Intermediate Latin Social Dance
DNCE 197B Modern Dance Production
DNCE 145 Choreography l
DNCE 146 Choreography ll
DNCE 197 K Student Choreography Production (see DNCE 145 or 146)
DNCE 165 Production Management (see DNCE 197B)
DNCE 190 Ethnic Dance Production (refer to DNCE 148)


Student Choreography Concert 2007
Artistic Director Patriceann Mead
Faculty Dance Concert 2008
Artistic Director Patriceann Mead
Other Classes Of Interest
DNCE 137 Cuban and Brazilian Drumming   For more info. click on DNCE 148
DNCE 185 Haitian Percussion and Song
DNCE 153 Capoeira
DNCE 158 Hawaiian and Tahitian Dance
DNCE 155 Hip Hop
DNCE 163 Near/Middle Eastern Dance
DNCE 127 Spanish Flamenco
Summer Dance Intensive Program
Coming Soon
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