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Roger N. Morrissette, PhD


Fall 2006


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Extra Credit Potential!


The Palomar College Psychology 230, Research Methods class will be presenting their research in poster form on Monday, December 4th and Tuesday December 5th from 10am to noon in BE-6. To earn extra credit you must attend one of these presentation days, observe the posters, and write a critique of 1 or 2 of the posters.  Directions on how to write the critiques, points available, a list of posters, and the due date are in the link below:


Poster Critique Guidelines



Human Development Research Conference

California State University San Marcos


Founder’s Plaza

December 5, 2006, 9:00am – 2:15pm 


Students from all allied disciplines are encouraged to participate in the Human Development Conference.

We encourage students from other colleges & universities to participate.




Lisa Firestone, PhD is Director of Research and Education with the Glendon Association.  She is an active conference facilitator in the areas of suicide, Voice Therapy and couple relations. Dr. Firestone is a practicing clinical psychologist. She is the author of numerous articles and chapters and co-author of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice and Creating a Life of Meaning and Compassion: the Wisdom of Psychotherapy, most recently Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships (APA books).


David C. Herzog, Psy.D., M.F.A., is a licensed psychologist who earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley.  He is currently the Clinical Services Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona’s Counseling and Psychological Services. He is dedicated to supporting and advocating for LGBT individuals. He provides sensitivity trainings, promoting awareness around Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues to university faculty, staff, students and mental health professionals. Dr. Herzog is the author of GET OUT!, a psycho-educational game about the LGBT coming out process in the context of self-psychology.



v       9:00 – 10:15      Sex, Love, & Intimate Relationships with Featured Speaker Lisa Firestone and Jina

·         Carvalha of the Glendon Association

v       Poster Session I and Agency Representatives Booths

v       10:30 – 11:45    Health & Aging Topics

v       Poster Session II and Agency Representatives Booths

v       12:00 – 1:00      FREE Graduate School Admission and GRE Strategy Seminar with John McGowan of

·         Kaplan and Pam Wells of the CSUSM Career Center

v       1:00 – 2:15        GET OUT! with Featured Speaker David Herzog, Psy.D., M.F.A.



Pre-Conference Event

FREE Mock GRE: 9:45am-12:00 on December 2nd. Get your results at the 12-1 Kaplan seminar at the HD Conference. Call 1-800-KAP-TEST or go to kaptest.com/practice to register.


Call for POSTERS

As a field, human development is the study of people from a biological, social, cultural and/or psychological perspective at any point in the life-span. As such we encourage students from any biological or social science field to present their research findings. Posters may be a product of the student’s coursework or supervised research, including conceptual projects or experimental projects. Submission packages should include the poster title, 100-120 word comprehensive abstract, the student’s name, contact information, and the desired poster session - Session I or Session II. Email your submission to evans047@csusm.edu by 5:00pm on December 2nd (space is limited).


For additional information about the Human Development Research Conference, please contact

Eliza Bigham, Ph.D. at ebigham@csusm.edu.



We're searching for student research papers! 
The annual Student Research Competition is coming soon!  And we're searching for students to present their research papers.  This annual competition is a great opportunity to showcase some of your students.  At the same time, it will give them a great learning experience that will help them in their careers through development of presentation skills, the ability to defend their research and methodology, and to present to lay audiences and to answer questions about their research. 
Projects should be qualitative or quantitative research  with clear purpose/question,  methodology, and interpretation of results.  Coursework projects are perfect for this competition.   Projects completed during Spring, Summer, or Fall 2006 are eligible.   We encourage you to work with your students to help them refine and polish their presentations for the competition.
Entry forms and written reports are due by February 16, 2007.  Oral presentations will be on March 2, 2007
See our website for more information.  www.csusm.edu/src
Linda Collins
Administrative Support Coordinator
Office of Graduate Studies & Research



Dear Methods students,
I need to cancel our psyc 230 research methods class today. The room will remain open for you to work on your projects. Please hand in your Results II and Exercise 5 at the beginning of class on Tuesday. We will still have the quiz on Tuesday. It will cover material from the last exam to what we have covered up to now (the second part of Descriptive Research, the first part of Experimental Design I, and Which Stat?). Make sure that you know how the dependent variable type and how the number of factors and levels determines the statistic that you would use. I will be available via email if you have any questions. Sorry for any inconvenience.
See you on Tuesday morning.
Dr. M



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Good luck in the course.


Dr. M