AIS 100: Introduction To American Indian Studies

Quiz Information

You have four quizzes that are worth 25 points each. They consist of multiple choice (19) and short answer essays (2), worth 3 pts each.

The quizzes cover the following areas in the course outline (see Syllabus) :

Quiz 1) Prehistory/Invasion ; I, II, III ; Text pages 1-43

Quiz 2) Far North/Far West; IV A./B.; Text pages 44-201

Quiz 3) Southwest/Plains/Eastern Woodlands (Northeast & Southeast); IV C./D./E.; Text pages 202-367

Quiz 4) Contemporary; V; Text pages 368-378


How to take a Quiz

Online classes:

Quizzes are released in sequence (see Semester Schedule), and are all due by the specific date at the end of the  semester.

When a quiz is released go to Exams, open it, print it and take your quiz offline (open book and notes). Next return to Exams, open the quiz

and take the quiz online. When completed, click the 'Submit' button. You can only submit the quiz once. Multiple choice will be automatically graded

and essays will be graded by me, later.


Campus classes:

Quizzes will be taken in class with open book and notes.